“The Secret Mission of the Misunderstood BodyPainter”

“The Secret Mission of the Misunderstood BodyPainter”

“Depsite what most people think,
this more than drawing on pretty women.
Look deep and you’ll see it’s medicine through ink.

What most think is me just drawing on bellies and beautiful breasts,
in seconds of meeting me the women “I trust you” they each said,
its restoring the trust between the divine feminine and the masculine.
one stroke at a time, through unconditional love.

And sure theres at times elements of male ego,
but I try to keep my intentions clear as the pain flows.
On every inch of your skin,
on which ink I press,
with intentions of happiness, joy, peace and love I bless.

Dots and lines,
combining wisdom from stars and ancient tribes,
calligraphy with fractals geometry and cosmology,
changing societal beliefs one stroke at a time;
that being successful and being yourself can be one,
that you don’t need to choose between being safe and having fun.
that using your mind you can create any reality you’ve ever imagined,
dreams beyond what you’ve ever fathomed,

On every single square surface,
I share the gratitude my heart feels from living
a life true to my values and purpose.

Every single line and dot
represents intentions and focused thoughts,
thoughts of love, freedom, abundance and prosperity.

With intention and attention I created a life in which
countries, cultures and humanity over the world I explore,
all came from just a burning desire and a $1.79 colouring pen from the art store.

I know, I know,
this ain’t the reality of most folks,
being paid to travel and on beautiful people place paint strokes.
I tell you this not to brag,
but to impress upon you that any reality you desire you can have.

So through rhymes and coloured lines I spit truth
and serve as living proof,
that you can live a life you love and be a thriving artist if you so choose.

By tapping into the infinite you,
that which constitutes you,
that which is most authentic to you,
you can make success and love one,
with each coloured stripe I demonstrate you that you too
can live your extraordinary life of joy, adventure, success and fun.
that you are talented, worthy, creative and intelligent,
all that you need to do is believe. ” – The Alichemist


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